Basic Embryology

A thorough introduction to routine practical embryology

This short course will provide basic knowledge, observation of clinical practice and practical aspects of basic embryology methodologies. An overview of the following routine procedures will be provided, with some hands on sessions:

  • Semen analysis (hands on)
  • Sperm preparation (observation in clinical lab)
  • Egg collection (observation in clinical lab)
  • Manipulation/pipetting of eggs (hands on, mouse eggs)
  • Fertilisation assessment (observation in clinical lab and hands on time lapse annotation of fertilisation)
  • Embryo grading (observation in clinical lab and hands on time lapse annotation of embryo grading)
  • Embryo transfer (observation in clinical lab)
  • Cryopreservation (observation in clinical lab and hands on, mouse embryos)
  • Record keeping (observation in clinical lab)
  • Stock control
  • Electronic witnessing (observation in clinical lab)

This is a 4 day course (9am -5pm) designed for up to 5 delegates.

Knowledge of human IVF is required in order to benefit most from this short course.

Cost per person: £3000

Upcoming course dates: Please send an enquiry to discuss dates until group courses can be re-scheduled