Thorough and focused foundation training in all aspects of ICSI

This short hands-on training course will provide the following skills and knowledge:

  • Patient indications for ICSI.
  • Hands on training in the technical skills required to successfully to maintain the ICSI equipment
  • Preparation of gametes for ICSI
  • Hands on – sperm selection for ICSI.
  • Perform ICSI – hands on sessions using mouse oocytes.
  • Theoretical knowledge will be provided on selection of devices, protocols and media for ICSI, artificial oocyte activation and sperm viability assessment.
  • Setting of key performance indicators for ICSI.
  • Live video link ups to the clinic laboratory will be accommodated as a training tool where possible.
  • A tour of the clinical laboratory to observe ICSI will also be included.

This is a 2 day course (9am – 5pm) designed for up to 10 embryologists with existing basic pipetting and microscopy skills and knowledge.

Cost per person: £1500 (£750 for single day training)

Upcoming course dates: Please send an enquiry to discuss dates until group courses can be re-scheduled