Time-lapse embryology – basic skills

This short hands-on training course will provide basic knowledge of time-lapse monitoring of human embryo development, annotation and the use of simple models for embryo selection:

  • Dish/slide set up
  • Device set up
  • Assessment of time-lapse images and to accurately assess time-lapse images.
  • Selection of time-lapse systems.
  • Hands-on training in setting up and use of the EmbryoScope time lapse incubator.
  • Benchmarking of clinical practice, results compared with standard methodology and key performance indicator setting will also be discussed.
  • Live link ups to the clinic laboratory will be accommodated as a training tool where possible.
  • A tour of the clinical laboratory to observe time-lapse imaging as a routine tool for embryo culture and selection.

Most of the work will involve time-lapse video assessment and discussion of benefits of this technology for IVF patients and clinics.

This is a 2 day course (9am -5pm) designed for up to 10 embryologists, new to time lapse monitoring of embryos.

Cost per person: £1750

Upcoming course dates: Please send an enquiry to discuss dates until group courses can be re-scheduled