Optimising and refining vitrification practice – Kitazato method

This short hands-on training course will provide core knowledge for vitrification of human oocytes and embryos. It will focus on the technical skills required to successfully perform vitrification.

  • Theoretical knowledge will be provided on selection of consumables, protocols and media for Kitazato vitrification.
  • Consideration and hands on training in the use of open and closed systems,
  • Key performance indicators for cryopreservation and sample storage.
  • Hands-on training in oocyte and embryo vitrification and warming using the mouse model.
  • Live link ups to the clinic laboratory will be accommodated as a training tool where possible.
  • A tour of the clinical laboratory to observe vitrification will also be included.

This is a 2 day course (9am -5pm) designed for up to 10 embryologists with existing embryology skills and knowledge.

Technical skills in pipetting and liquid nitrogen handling are required in order to benefit most from this short course.

Cost per person: one day courses £750, two day courses £1500

Upcoming course dates: Please send an enquiry to discuss dates until group courses can be re-scheduled